Celebrate Earth Day Everyday.

Be A James Changer.

We are launching a new and exciting brand campaign! Even though our logo is changing, our mission is not!
We love our volunteers!Since 1976, the James River Association has worked to improve the health of the James River from a D- to a B- quality rating. We could not have made this impact without the support of members like you, but there’s still more work to do. 
We are calling on river lovers across the Commonwealth to make a personal investment in the future of the James River and become a James Changer by joining the James River Association.
We’ve found that the more we change the James, the more it changes us.
  • Cleaner, healthier waters provide us more opportunity for recreation and wellness.
  • Thriving habitats reveal more awe-inspiring beauty.
  • Greater partnerships and dialogue lead to more economic activity in our neighborhoods.
  • Bringing together more voices for positive change creates a stronger sense of community and belonging.
Just as we have worked hard to change the James River, we hope that the James River has changed you. You should be proud to call yourself a James Changer.
Join us in inviting your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to be James Changers too, so the James can continue to improve and enhance our communities. 

Together we can achieve our goals.