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The James River Association strives to provide a voice for the River on important policy issues. Through advocacy at the citizen, local, state and federal levels, the James River Association works to ensure the health of the James River. Learn more about our advocacy efforts.

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Our State of the James report shows that our actions are working to restore the health of the river, but there is still great room for improvement. You can help us improve the overall score and get to a “Grade A” James by taking action below!

Tell Richmond’s City Council to Support Funding for Richmond's Combined Sewer System and Wastewater Treatment Plant

The James River Association strongly encourages Richmond’s City Council to maintain funding for Combined Sewer Overflows, Stormwater Facilities Improvements, and Wastewater Treatment included in the proposed Capital Improvement Plan.

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Want to do more? Join RiverReps — passionate individuals ready to speak up on the issues impacting the James River. RiverReps are trained in how to most effectively share their message for clean water, kept in the loop on our advocacy strategy each legislative session, and asked to take three advocacy actions per year.