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Why Partner with JRA?

We are educating more than seventeen thousand students each year, performing essential hands-on restoration work, all while ensuring policies and protections are in place to build on progress.

The James River is recovering thanks to the collective power of corporate leaders, community partners, legislative decision-makers, and JRA members, donors, and volunteers. Through our corporate partners, who appreciate the vital relationship between water quality and quality of life, we won’t just save our river, we will keep it saved. Join us!

CREDIBILITY is our currency.

JRA has a reputation as the most effective conservation group working to restore and protect the James River and its many tributary streams. Our unmatched credibility is grounded in scientific expertise and a demonstrated record of success.

2022 Year in Review

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Pathways to Partnership

JRA welcomes the opportunity to work with businesses who share our goal to protect the James River and connect people to it. We will work with you to develop a partnership that mutually benefits your company and JRA’s goals, engages your employees and customers, and showcases your commitment to restoring America’s founding river.

 When you partner with JRA, you align with a recognized, effective leader. Benefits are tailored to the type and level of engagement and are designed to help you.


JRA’s voice carries across the entire James River, home to 3.2 million residents within its watershed.


Boost recruitment and retention by offering employees tangible ways to make a difference


Consumers stand by companies that invest in community and environmental issues

View this document for benefits and recognition. Tailored partnerships and customized benefits are offered with additional investment.

For more information about these and other partnership opportunities, contact Ashleigh Moody at or  (804) 788-8811 EXT 130.

Current Corporate Partners

Dedicated to the James 

The James River Association (JRA) was founded in 1976 at a time when the James was considered one of the most polluted rivers in the country. The harmful chemical kepone had been dumped into the river a year earlier, contributing to a 13-year fishing ban with large sections of the river declared dead or unfit for human use. Over the next 40 years, increased awareness and stewardship has resulted in a cleaner, healthier river.

Today, JRA remains the only organization solely dedicated to protecting and improving the James River, our nation’s founding river, and the 25,000 miles of tributaries that flow throughout its 10,000 square mile watershed. Its headwaters in the Blue Ridge Mountains to its confluence with the Chesapeake Bay, along which the health and well-being of more than 3.2 million people and countless species of plants and animals depend.

In October 2019 the James River received the Thiess International Riverprize at the International Riversymposium in Brisbane, Australia. Presented by the International River Foundation, the prize is considered the most coveted award of river and watershed restoration based on accomplishments in integrated river basin management, and recognizes remarkable outcomes for rivers, river basins and their communities.

Today our river is healthier than it was just five years ago. Water quality is improving. Wildlife habitat is increasing. Fish populations are returning and growing. Help us keep the James River comeback coming!