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Clean Water is No Accident

It has taken over four decades to take the river from one of the nation’s most polluted rivers to one of its most improved.

Your continued support has made a difference for the wildlife, ecosystems, and communities that depend on the James. Thanks to you, JRA helped to secure record funding for Virginia’s clean water programs and restored hundreds of acres of forests along critical river habitat. The more we invest in the river, the more improvement we see in the river’s health.

As we celebrate the remarkable resilience of the James River, we know that many challenges still lay ahead. Despite recent improvements in key indicators such as underwater grasses and tidal water quality, many of the river’s most iconic migratory fish species have declined. The American shad score remains at zero! But together, we have fought for a recovery plan for American shad. Now, we need your help to ensure that swift action is taken to implement the plan and save this imperiled species.

The James also remains threatened by ongoing pollution. A toxic soup of pollution continues to pour into its waters from factories, urban and suburban development and agricultural runoff, making it increasingly difficult to maintain its natural systems that we all depend on. The river also faces a changing climate, including heavier, more frequent rainfall events and rising water temperatures. With your support, we will continue to fight for solutions that help the river and our communities thrive.

Together, we can protect the river’s health and natural beauty to sustain our communities for generations to come.

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