Exploring the James River

How do you River?

You can hike it, bike it, swim it, run it or raft it.

How you enjoy the James River is up to you.

Here are some resources to help connect you with your river.

How is the river in your area?

Many portions of the James River and tributaries are currently impaired due to excessive harmful bacteria. And for those who swim or recreate in the River, bacteria is an invisible pollutant that can pose serious health threats.

James River Watch website

We have a team of volunteers that take weekly water samples and report their findings to the James River Watch. Every Friday, from Memorial Day to Labor day, check the James River Watch for water conditions in your area.

Richmond’s Combined Sewer System

During his first campaign for Mayor of the City of Richmond, Levar Stoney stated, “It is 2016, not 1816. We should not be worried about clean water for our citizens. This needs to be a public health and an environmental priority.” Mayor Stoney’s call-to-action refers...

Richmond Joins the Biophilic Cities Network

Since 2017, the James River Association and a group of local advocates have been working with the City of Richmond’s Office of Sustainability and Biophilic Cities to add Richmond to the Biophilic Cities Network, a global community of cities whose leaders recognize the...

Projects Creating New Opportunities to Enjoy the James and its Tributaries

The James River Association has a vision of a fully healthy James River supporting thriving communities. We work to achieve that vision by protecting the James and connecting people to it. Increasing river access and riverside spaces for people to enjoy is an...

From the Marsh – Winter Critters

The James River and its tributaries are home to hundreds of species of animals, yet only a handful have the ability to tough it out during the winter. On today’s “From the Marsh”, let’s explore these hardy residents who can survive the coldest months of the year! The...

Sturgeon on the Rise – How to Spot and Report an Atlantic Sturgeon Breach

An ancient creature is returning to the James River. It is continuing an annual migration that has taken place for eons, traveling great distances to reach its home spawning grounds. You can witness this endangered species return the James River where its...

Explore the river with Terrain 360

Through a partnership with Terrain360 and The Tomato Fund, you can explore the entire 340-mile length of the James River through high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic images. This website is a great resource for scouting out the river before you travel, or for armchair exploring!