Help the James - in your community

If your community is in the James River watershed, you can give back to its health.

Whether you appreciate access to clean water or just feel passionate about protecting our environment, there are things you can do that don’t involve getting wet! Below are great opportunities if you prefer working on land – or even your own backyard. When you become a James Changing volunteer, you are joining a network of passionate and supportive river lovers across the Watershed, from the Alleghany Highlands to the Chesapeake Bay. 

Find ways you can change the James below, and then record your actions to Be a James Changer! 

River Hero Homes

Simple changes on your property like installing a rain barrel, planting native plants, or creating a rain garden all support our waterways.

Riparian Stewards

Riparian Stewards are volunteers who nurture and monitor select riparian buffers installed through the James River Buffer Program.

Invasive Species Removal

Join the James River Park System Task Force for a habitat restoration project at Chapel Island in Richmond, VA.

Greening Richmond Public Libraries

JRA staff worked with partners to create green infrastructure practices for the libraries.