Raise for the River


The James River Association is the only organization devoted solely to the protection of all 340 miles of the James River.  To continue our work, we need the help of our supporters and fellow river lovers in the community.

Creating a fundraising page to celebrate and protect Virginia’s most valuable natural resource is a unique and easy way of giving back to the James! Start your fundraiser from one of the links below, and become a James Changer today.

Provide Education Scholarships for Students

We receive funding to help cover some cost associated with our education trips, but not all. Help us cover tuition for students who need it most.

Test the Waters

Over 75 volunteers donate their time to run water quality tests on the James River and its tributaries. Help us cover the cost of testing supplies and materials to support these volunteer

Connect with the James

By supporting Connect with the James, you are helping to ensure that we have a swimmable, fishable, and drinkable river to share, protect, and enjoy now and throughout future generations.

Plant a Tree

Trees are essential to a healthy river. They provide habitat, slow flood water, improve water quality, and provide shade to cool waterways. JRA has a goal to plant 72,600 trees in the next three years. Help us plant a tree.

educational programs

Get Active

5k Run/Walk • Canoe Races • Morning Yoga • Backyard Dash • Trash Cleanup • Dog Walk

educational programs

Celebrate You!

Birthdays • Weddings • Anniversary • Tribute • Baby Showers • Birth Announcements • Graduation

Have Fun

Bake Sale • Candygram • Car Wash • Bingo •  Trivia Night • Field Day • Read-a-thon • Lemonade Stand

Make Your Own

Have your own idea?
Go for it!
You are changing the James.