Environmental Education Service Projects


JRA will advance the ability of the region’s high schools to provide enhanced environmental education, leadership development and to increase community service through high school environmental clubs.
JRA has organized after-school stewardship events with the clubs to include leadership development, the creation of educational storm drain murals, the removal of invasive species within the James River Park System, native tree plantings to increase riparian buffers and trash cleanups along the James.

Invasive Species Cleanup / Removal

November 18, 2018

Join our team in identifying and removing non-native plant species that are negatively affecting our James River Parks System. Help us reduce the threat of non-native invasive plants, protect rare species and restore the biological and cultural integrity of JRPS lands. Invasive plant removal requires using hand tools (hand-saws, bow-saws, loppers, or hand-clippers) to cut invasive plants. Additional physical demands occasionally including hauling excess debris and standing for prolonged periods. Please wear work clothes (long sleeves and boots, etc.); we will provide tools and gloves.

Trash Cleanup

March 16, 2019

Are you tired of seeing trash in our streams, creeks, rivers, streets, alleyways, and parks? Well, we are too! The environmental club Trash Cleanup allows you to have a meaningful community cleanup. We will provide the necessary supplies, including trash grabbers, gloves, bags, first aid kits, and a report sheet.

Paint Out Pollution

April 13, 2019

Increase public awareness of stormwater pollution and celebrate the native plant and animal species that call the James River home through storm drain art. Several local artists have created artwork of native plant and animal species that were converted to stencils. Volunteers use the stencils and spray paint to install art on storm drains across the Richmond region.

The schools that we are offering service days to:
All  Richmond Public High Schools
All Chesterfield High School Ecology / Environmental Clubs
All Henrico High School Ecology / Environmental Clubs
Powhatan High School Ecology / Environmental Clubs

The board of education’s seal for excellence in science and the environment shall awarded to students who earn either a standard diploma or advanced studies diploma and (i) complete at least three different first -level board-approved laboratory science courses and at least one rigorous advanced-level or postsecondary-level laboratory science course, each with a grade of “B” or higher;(ii) complete laboratory or field-science research and present that research in a formal, juried setting (iii) complete at least 50 hours of voluntary participation in community service or extracurricular activities that involve the application of science such as environmental monitoring, protection, management, or restoration.