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Here are a few ways your product purchases can go a little further and help us protect and restore the health of the James River.


Sturgeon is an eco friendly apparel and board manufacturer. Stories passed down through Virginia’s Pamunkey Indian tribe told of children riding a sturgeon as a rite of passage. They were fearless and true pioneers of their time. We still live on this adrenaline and grit- a need to be a part of the water. So whether you are paddleboarding down the James or surfing hurricanes in the Atlantic, “Ride a sturgeon and #EarnYourRiteofPassage” or just grab a tee. We’ll see you out there!

Amazon Smile

Use Amazon Smile when making your Amazon purchases. Make sure to designate the James River Association as your charity of choice.

The Great Return

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery’s Great Return celebrates the James River Association’s sturgeon restoration efforts. This West Coast style IPA is a great purchase for beer lovers.

James River Adventures

Know someone that would love to get on the water but doesn’t have the opportunity? Give them a gift certificate to James River Adventures in Lynchburg, VA.