The Tire-Less James


Help us make the James Tire-Less

Far too many tires end up in our waterways – that’s why the Tire-Less James project was launched in 2013. This one-day tire cleanup is completely volunteer led and focused on the James River and tributaries. Discarded tires are not only an eyesore, but they can adversely impact wildlife habitat and reduce people’s enjoyment of the river. Thanks to the tireless efforts of volunteers over the years, thousands of tires have been removed and recycled from the James River.

The Tire-Less James is a water based cleanup, and volunteers will need boats/canoes and equipment appropriate for safely floating tires down river. Volunteers are responsible for selecting cleanup locations, and moving tires to a designated tire drop off location. Check back for updates on future Tireless James cleanup events!

The Tire-less James project provides volunteers with an increased awareness of the pollution challenges facing the James and offers the reward of knowing that stewardship efforts can make a positive impact on the health and beauty of the river for others. For many young people this type of experience can be both eye-opening and life-changing. The James River Association is again proud to partner with the Boy Scouts of America Heart of Virginia Council for this event. Charles City County based company Tire Recyclers is supporting the effort by hauling and recycling all tires collected during the cleanup.