This is going to be the Best Day Ever

With funding from the Chesapeake Bay Trust, the James River Association was able to have the entire Falling Creek Elementary School’s 5th grade out to the James River Ecology School at Presquile National Wildlife Refuge for a field trip. From the moment the students stepped off of the bus, they were already saying “this is going to be the best day ever.”

The classes headed to Presquile National Wildlife Refuge on the Spirit of the James, our 40 foot pontoon boat and for some students, it was their first time ever on a boat. They were able to participate in three stations: a nature hike to learn about local vegetation and wildlife, a lesson about pollution in the James River watershed, and a boat trawl to catch fish and learn about water quality.

The students had the best time pulling up the trawl net and touching the fish. When the field trip was coming to an end, many students were eager to go home and tell their families about everything they learned. They were most eager about being advocates for the James River and coming back to the refuge one day. One student concluded her time on the trip by saying, “I’m not ready to leave here. There is still so much to touch and see. I want to bring my parents out here.”

This was such a special opportunity for Falling Creek and it was possible thanks to the Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini Grant, and the great team at Falling Creek Elementary School. The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Trust is to promote public awareness and participation in the restoration and protection of the water quality and aquatic and land resources of the Chesapeake Bay region and other aquatic and land resources of the State. Chesapeake Bay Trust helps fund programs that increase environmental awareness and educational outreach to under-served children and their families.

Thank you, Chesapeake Bay Trust and Falling Creek Elementary School for providing this fun, outdoor, hands-on learning experience to these students!