This year we are excited to have 29 student leaders from across the watershed participating in our James River Leadership Academy program! We have 17 students from the middle/Richmond leadership program, 8 students from the Lower/Williamsburg leadership program, and 4 students from the upper/Lynchburg leadership program. The 2019-2020 year has officially kicked off our fourth year with invigorating first sessions in the Lynchburg and Richmond region.

The students start off their first session with a morning of team-building on a ropes course to help them understand the value of working together and supporting each other. A large portion of session 1 is dedicated to leadership development which allows them to make conscious choices that are aligned with the values of the JRA and with their own personal core values. We teach our students the skills they need to strengthen their leadership capabilities.

The JRA is looking forward to working with the future advocates of the James River for the next 11 months.