In the last few weeks, we opened up a t-shirt design contest to anyone who wanted to submit a design to commemorate the 2023 voyage of our annual Great Return of the Atlantic Sturgeon pontoon boat trips. This contest was a chance for folks to help keep the James River healthy for present and future Atlantic sturgeon, and 14 individuals submitted their fin-tastic designs!

Now we need YOUR help to pick a winner! Take a look at the designs below and choose the one you would love to see featured on this year’s commemorative t-shirt.

The winning designer will receive a free t-shirt and two spots on one of our Great Return of the Atlantic Sturgeon pontoon boat trips this September.

T-shirt sales will begin in early August and go through James River Week, which ends on September 16.

Voting ends Monday, July 31, 2023

Design Entries

Entry A- Andrew Savage

Entry B- Angela Mitchell

Entry C- Brian Herod

Entry D- Chris Patrick

Entry E- Ellis Benusa

Entry F- Jesse Cooper

Entry G- Jesse Long

Entry H- Kammie Lee

Entry I- Mariela Fuson 

Entry J- Sarah Brooks

Entry K- Walton Herod

Entry L- Willa Benusa 

Entry M- William Arnold

Entry N- Zeb Herod

Current Results