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Welcome to JRA’s first ever 360 Scavenger Hunt! Experience the James River underwater, just like the wildlife and organisms that live under the surface! We’ve got six different creatures and habitats for you to find, keeping in mind this precious aquatic life only survives and thrives in a healthy river. There’s also a corresponding lesson plan for students to learn all about the unique organisms of the James.

How to navigate the scavenger hunt:

  • Use your mouse to slide, rotate or move the image above to find the six key organisms we have highlighted. Zoom in or out with the + and – icons on the image or the square [ ] to make it full screen! Simply hit the square again to exit full screen mode.
  • On an android device? Use your fingers to slide the screen around, and the square [ ] icon makes it full screen (we definitely recommend this view!) For an iPhone, use the + and – to zoom in and out and rotate your phone horizontally for a full screen view.
Can you answer these 6 questions about the organisms found in the above scavenger hunt? Write your answers on a piece of paper, or use the worksheet provided below.


  1. Name and describe two adaptations that the Blue Crab has to protect itself.
  2. Time to Research​: Why do you think the Atlantic Sturgeon is called a “living fossil” and what are ​scutes?
  3. Why do you think many fish swim together in large groups called schools?
    a. The fish like to hang out with their friends
    b. The school can move faster in the water if they work as a team
    c.  Predators can confuse a large school of small fish as one large predatory fish
  4. Time to Research:
    a. What are the benefits of filter feeders?
    b. How many gallons of water does an average size American Oyster filter?
  5. What role do underwater grasses play in the James River?
  6. Why are Lined Seahorses considered a key indicator species of the James River?

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