James River Association

July 16, 2015

Amber Ellis
Watershed Restoration Manager
804-788-8811, ext. 205

James River Association Encourages Pet Owners to Scoop the Poop

The James River Association has installed 30 pet waste stations throughout City of Richmond parks, the James River Park System and Chesterfield County parks. Funded by a Department of Environmental Quality grant, the intent of this project is to make it convenient for pet owners to clean up after their dogs, thereby improving water quality in the James River.

Pet waste contains high levels of bacteria, such as E. coli. When it rains, this bacteria is washed into local waterways and storm drains, ultimately making its way into the James River. Bacteria in waterways can negatively impact wildlife and be detrimental to human health. Picking up after your pet is an easy way to reduce this form of pollution.

The James River Association is also working with the Middle James Roundtable’s James River Pet Waste Coalition to educate the public about the environmental impacts of pet waste and the importance of picking up after pets. You can enter the Canines for Clean Streams photo contest to win gear for your dog and have your pet’s picture featured on their website and Facebook page. Visit www. facebook.com/JamesRiverPetWasteCoalition by August 15, 2015 to post a photo of your dog and take the pledge to scoop the poop for clean waterways.

For more information, contact Amber Ellis, Watershed Restoration Manager, at (804) 788-8811, ext. 205 or aellis@jrava.org.


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