When the mornings start getting cool and crisp, and the leaves explode into vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges; most folks tend to think of things winding down. But here at JRA our restoration team is just getting ready to get the ball rolling on streamside forest plantings and maintenance.

Help with buffer stewardship through our Riparian Stewards program! Projects installed through our James River Buffer Program receive 3 years of initial buffer maintenance, some of which is done by staff and volunteers. Fall maintenance includes the management of invasive plant species, performing survival checks on our planted trees, and fixing any tree tubes and stakes which suffered damage over the summer.

Throughout October and November, our staff and volunteers will travel all over the watershed to visit sites which have been installed over the past 3 years. Most of our projects are planted and maintained by contractors, but about 47 acres (13,641 trees) were planted and now stewarded by staff and our Riparian Stewards. If you are interested in becoming a Riparian Steward sign up here.

Join us for a planting day in late November through December. We will be releasing planting dates in November. Sign up here to be contacted once dates are set.