That’s right! CaExpedition-rowinglling all Virginia high schoolers! If you want to get to know your home state, look no further than the James River Expedition! A drive on Virginia’s interstates will reveal the same gas stations, truck stops, and subdivisions that’d look at home anywhere in the country, but if you really want to know Virginia, you should paddle the James River.

A trip on the James isn’t just interdisciplinary, it’s pan-disciplinary. You’ll be paddling a watercourse that’s shaped (and been shaped by) the course of history. Paddle the James River and you’ll retrace the paths of Native Americans, European explorers, and the Founding Fathers. A trip on the James is a voyage on a 340-mile overlap of Virginia’s unique ecology, geology, biology, history, policy, and culture.

So you want to paddle the James? Then sign up for the James River Expedition! Accompany us on our trip down the wild whitewater of the biodiverse James River Gorge. Take part in our archaeological exploration of Jamestown. Join us as we dodge the Ghost Fleet, ride bateaux, meet Virginia landowners and stakeholders, and connect with our Virginia roots. Be part of a team of like-minded adventurers from a variety of backgrounds, eagerly anticipating whatever’s around the next river bend.Expedition (2)

To sign up, check out the James River Expedition website. There you can download the application, read about the trip, and start getting excited about your upcoming summer adventure. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me at We’re stoked for the adventure this summer, and hope you are too! River on!