Every time it rains, fertilizers, herbicides, bacteria from pet waste, and chemicals flow from our properties into local waterways. This pollution can make it unsafe for people and wildlife. The James River Association created the River Hero Home program to celebrate individuals who take steps to improve their home, pledge to take action for the James and become a hero for our community and our river. Becoming a River Hero Home is a simple way to help protect the James River to ensure its health and enjoyment for future generations.

This October, we’ll be highlighting our River Hero Homeowners all month long so that you can #MeetOurHeroes and hear firsthand how they’re making a BIG difference for our river!

David Clark practices river-friendly behaviors near Gillies Creek, a tributary to the James. As a River Hero Homeowner, he explains the benefit of installing a rain barrel in your yard… and speaking of rain barrels, you can be a hero like David and sign up now for our Rain Barrel Workshop! Richmond City residents can register here.

I’ve had my JRA/Hardywood rain barrel for over five years now, and it’s still going strong and looking great. The barrel is connected to the downspout from my front porch roof. A soaker hose that winds through my front yard is hooked up to the barrel’s drainage valve. This way I can make a small dent in Church Hill’s storm runoff, and at the same time keep my plants green and happy during the hot summer. I also get lots of compliments on the barrel’s unique appearance!

- David Clark

JRA River Hero Home Member