Our James Changer are a network of passionate and supportive river lovers across the Watershed, from the Alleghany Highlands to the Chesapeake Bay. Whether you wish to make your voice heard for clean water funding, become a Riparian Steward to help plant buffer trees, or make a gift to keep our river as healthy as possible, we encourage you to seek out your personal passion to help us change the James – and our communities – for the better.

The James River Association created the River Hero Home program to celebrate individuals who take steps to improve their home, pledge to take action for the James and become a hero for our community and our river. Becoming a River Hero Home is a simple way to help protect the James River to ensure its health and enjoyment for future generations.

Watch Kristen Saacke Blunk’s message as she shares  her excitement of using alternatives to municipal drinking water for irrigation.

We are so appreciative of Kristen’s commitment to the health of the James River and for her involvement in our River Hero Home program! Thank you for being a James Changer!