“Restoring watersheds – One native plant at a time”

Written by: Bill Shenanbruch, Owner of Reedy Creek Environmental

Reedy Creek Environmental provides native plants of local ecotype for conservation landscaping and habitat restoration. Seeds are collected responsibly from healthy, “wild” populations of native plants within 30 miles of Richmond.  Most of the seeds are collected from two large properties under conservation easement, germinated, and then grown organically in local soils. These native plants are uniquely adapted for the soils and climate of metropolitan Richmond.  Unlike cultivars of native plants or native plants of unknown origin, Reedy Creek Environmental plants will definitely provide full ecosystem services and do not risk “genetically contaminating” or weakening our local populations of native plants.  Reedy Creek Environmental plants belong here.

Another major goal of Reedy Creek Environmental is to expand the palette of color and texture available for conservation landscapes.  There are hundreds of beautiful native plants in the Richmond region and only a small fraction are currently available through the traditional nursery industry.  Reedy Creek Environmental strives to introduce new species which will provide additional biodiversity in our backyard and/or front yard habitats.

Photos below are taken from a wet meadow habitat in eastern Henrico within the floodplain of the Chickahominy River where Bill harvests seeds for the nursery.

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