Meet TreeLab, the newest nursery that is offering a 20% discount to JRA’s River Hero Home members!

TreeLab is the Enrichmond Foundation’s one-year-old urban nursery growing trees and plants to beautify and improve the City of Richmond. In late 2016, Enrichmond took over management of a dilapidated greenhouse in Richmond’s Northside that has become the home-base for “TreeLab” – a name inspired by trees as self-contained natural laboratories and an exploration of the vast potential of trees, shrubs, and other beneficial plants.

At the heart of TreeLab is a desire to see more and better trees go into Richmond soil. TreeLab focuses on growing native plants and is in the beginning stages of propagating Richmond trees and plants from cuttings. As a nonprofit, local source of native plants, TreeLab seeks to help the city’s residents and environment realize the many benefits of healthy, sustainable trees.

Beginning in 2018, proceeds from TreeLab’s retail operation will cycle directly into a program to increase Richmond’s tree canopy through tree plantings on public land, especially in areas of the city that lack tree coverage. Much as a tree takes time to establish itself in its environment, TreeLab is sinking its roots into how its trees and plants can make a lasting impact on Richmond’s urban landscape.