Are you tired of hearing about a Presidential election that’s more than a year away? Do you find yourself wishing that you could flex those ballot-casting muscles sooner? Well, we’ve got the cure for your summertime suffrage sadness.

Virginia’s State Primaries are here!

On Tuesday, June 11th, communities across the Commonwealth will pick candidates for the General Election this November. This year, every seat in the General Assembly — all 140 of them — will be up for grabs. Before you head to the polls, here are some frequently asked questions:

  1. What primaries are happening in my community?
  2. Who are the candidates?
  3. Where is my polling place? (Remember, some precincts have changed due to redistricting.)
  4. What form of photo ID do I need?

The James River can’t run for office, but clean water is always on the ballot. The candidates that Virginia elects this year will have a big part to play in making sure that the Commonwealth meets its Chesapeake Bay Cleanup goals by 2025. Virginia’s plan for restoring our rivers calls for bold legislation and strong water quality funding to help communities, utilities, homeowners, and farmers do their part to protect local streams. If clean water is a priority for you, it should be a priority for the folks that represent you at the state and local level. Your vote makes that happen.

Polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm on Tuesday, June 11th. Find your polling place here.

See you at the polls!