The James River Association (JRA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, received a federal grant, administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), to design and construct living shorelines on agricultural lands located in Charles City County, Virginia in partnership with Colonial Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation – Shoreline Erosion Advisory Service (DCR-SEAS). JRA is requesting proposals from qualified firms for living shoreline design and construction observation services to be provided for the project.

JRA serves as the convener for the James River Living Shoreline Collaborative (LSC), a partnership which started in early 2019. The vision of the LSC is to advance implementation of resilient practices along shorelines in the tidal James River watershed. Through the NFWF grant, JRA is also working with Colonial SWCD and DCR-SEAS to take on living shoreline projects on  agricultural lands through the Virginia Agricultural BMP Cost-Share (VACS) Program. VACS is a cost-share program of DCR, administered locally by SWCDs, that helps fund a suite of best management practices (BMPs) on agricultural lands, including shoreline stabilization and living shorelines.

Shoreline stabilization (VACS practice code SE-2) was recently approved as an eligible cost-shareable practice. Thus far, VACS has not funded installation of an SE-2 practice in Virginia. The first of these projects are two sites on the James River in Charles City County. The landowners have applied to Colonial SWCD for cost-share assistance to install shoreline stabilization practices through VACS (SE-2).

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: JRA is seeking proposals from qualified firms for living shoreline design and construction observation services on agricultural properties. JRA will be covering the full cost for design and construction observation services through NFWF grant funds. Construction costs will be split among JRA, VACS, and the landowners. DCR-SEAS and Colonial SWCD will lead the landowner engagement and coordinate the design component, while JRA and Colonial SWCD will coordinate the construction component of the projects. Given the size and complexity of the projects and VACS programmatic specifications, professional services are required for design. Both sites are on the James River in Charles City County. Both sites are exposed to medium-to-high wave energy environments. Structural components may be required, as determined via site assessment and surveys. The duration of the contract awarded through this RFP will extend until project completion (see note under Project Schedule section for details), estimated to be December 2023.

Contact Person(s): Amber Ellis, Senior Watershed Restoration Manager / Emily Hinson, Lower
James Regional Outreach Manager
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