With the 2018 Virginia General Assembly Session winding down, there is one large issue left to tackle: Virginia’s Budget. The Senate of Virginia and the House of Delegates have proposed their own versions of the budget to go along with Governor McAuliffe’s outgoing budget. Over the next week and a half, budget conferees will hash out which pieces of these various proposals will move forward to become Virginia’s operating budget for the next two years.

We need you to tell your representatives that the James River is a priority for you. Below, we have highlighted our priorities at this stage – please help us convey this message to your representatives!

Land Conservation
Conserving our landscapes is a critical part of protecting water quality. Virginia needs to continue it’s strong record in protecting these assets.

  • SUPPORT Governor McAulliffe’s proposed $4.5 million per year for the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation and $2 million per year for the Virginia Outdoors Foundation

As our only growing pollution source, stormwater threatens to undo years of progress in restoring the river. The Stormwater Local Assistance Fund is the tool that will prevent this from happening and we must dedicate funds to this cause.

  • SUPPORT the Senate’s proposed $20 million for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund.

Environmental Education
Children are our future – we must teach them that the environment is a priority and lead by example. The Commonwealth must lead this charge by funding environmental education.

  • SUPPORT Governor McAuliffe’s proposed $250,000 per year for Environmental Education.

Oysters are nature’s water filter. They continue to be a critical piece of the puzzle in the river’s recovery as well as economic recovery. If we are to continue the trend, we must invest in this recovery.

  • SUPPORT the Senate’s proposed $750,000 for oyster restoration and the House’s proposed $2.25 million for oyster replenishment per year.

Tell your legislators the James River is a priority! Thank you for your support of our river – it benefits us all.