The transformation of Richmond’s riverfront continues. Demolition of the “Sugar Pad,” a raised concrete foundation at Intermediate Terminal, is underway. This is the second phase of a three phase project to improve public access and accommodate cruise ships at Intermediate Terminal Dock. The structural restoration of Intermediate Terminal Dock, the first phase of the project, concluded in December 2016.

Sugar Pad Demolition on March 6, 2017

The Sugar Pad, historically a warehouse foundation for Intermediate Terminal, is a popular fishing venue on the “Downriver” section of Richmond’s riverfront. Downriver has become a focal point on the riverfront in recent years. Richmonders celebrated the the demolition of the Lehigh Cement silos and completion of the Virginia Capital Trail in 2015. In 2016 Stone Brewing opened and, more recently, improvements related to transportation, specifically Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), began on E. Main Street. The James River Association will document progress on the riverfront in the weeks and months ahead so stay tuned.

View concepts for the Downriver section of Richmond’s riverfront by visiting the City of Richmond’s Riverfront Plan webpage.