To our friends and fellow James Changers,

This Giving Tuesday Now, our thoughts turn to those giving profoundly at this time, from the healthcare workers keeping us safe on the frontline, to the grocery store clerks and delivery drivers keeping us fed and supplied, to our teachers and parents keeping students educated by adjusting to new normals, to our supporters keeping our work as guardians of the James River happening on a daily basis.

We are deeply grateful to everyone working overtime and adapting to keep things moving forward as normal as possible, and to all those putting their lives on the line so our community can receive the care, financial support, and other essential services so urgently needed. On this day of unity and giving, we wish those experiencing the trauma of this pandemic firsthand the chance to find solace and peace in the natural world around us, including our beautiful River.

Rest assured that we at the James River Association are doing our part, as always, to protect our most precious natural resource, and our work for the James River continues even when so many other things have stopped. Our Stream Buffer Program continues to plant trees to reduce polluted runoff from entering our streams and creeks. Our Living Shorelines Program continues to develop natural solutions to shoreline erosion and sealevel rise. Our Education Team continues to provide learning opportunities to students of all grade levels, shifting to virtual lessons and videos to teach kids the importance of a healthy river. Our Advocacy Team continues to be a voice for river to ensure environmental laws are enforced and the James River is protected.

Our critical work keeping the James safe and healthy continues because of the tireless efforts of those in our community keeping us safe and healthy.

To them, and to you, we give thanks.

 With sincere gratitude,


Bill Street, James River Association CEO