Looking for the perfect gift for your river lover this season? Here are a few suggestions!

Dry Bag
A necessity for anyone that wants to bring items that aren’t necessarily water-friendly, from electronics to clothing, down the river with them. A waterproof dry bag rolls at the top to create a water-tight seal and is made out of durable material that won’t easily tear, and they come in sizes varying from just big enough for a phone to being able to hold multiple duffel bags!

We like the Sea to Summit dry bags, available in multiple sizes and colors at Walkabout Outfitters.

Personal Flotation Device
Above all else, safety is most important when on the river. Keep your river-lover safe by gifting a PFD. Don’t forget Fido; there are lots of canine PFDs available now as well! With so many styles, colors, sizes, and everything else you could possibly customize available, it is best to shop around to satisfy your specific needs.

Insulated Growler
There are multiple growler companies that now make insulated growlers: the perfect gift for that person on your list that loves spending all day on the water. Insulated growlers can keep your beer (or whatever your preference!) cold for a full day! Some companies even offer add-ons such as a keg cap that can turn your growler into a keg for ease of pouring without introducing air into the growler itself.

We like the DrinkTanks growlers, available in multiple sizes and colors at REI.

Solar Powered Charger
Solar powered chargers are a great option for multi-day trips. From phones to GoPros, you can keep recording your adventures thanks to the sun! There are multiple kinds of these chargers, varying in sizes, prices, and level of water resistance, so it is best to shop around to satisfy specific needs.

Waterproof Phone Case
With phones now replacing most people’s cameras, it only makes sense to protect that from water too. From just keeping phones dry, to cases that are designed to go diving with you, it is best to shop around to satisfy specific needs, but make sure to read the reviews as all cases aren’t designed equally.

Is your river lover going on a multi-day adventure, but doesn’t want to lug around a tent and sleeping bag? Hammock it! There are countless accessories on the market now, from bug nets and pillows to gear holders and even lights, it may be a hammock, but it can be turned into paradise with ease.

We like the Eno Hammocks, available in multiple colors at Walkabout Outfitters.

Gift Cards
Have someone on your list that wants to take a river adventure, but wants a professional with them? Buy them an adventure with a gift card from Riverside Outfitters, RVA Paddlesports, Twin River Outfitters, Waterfront RVA, or our own James River Adventures in Lynchburg!

Water Bottle
Hydration, hydration, hydration! Insulated water bottles are all the rage right now, and for good reason: keep your river-lover hydrated with a bottle that is reusable and going to stay cold all day!

We like the Hydro Flask water bottles, available in multiple sizes and colors from LL Bean.

Water-Friendly Shoes
Keeping feet comfortable and safe when on the river is so important! There are a large market of river-friendly shoes including Astral, Chaco, and Keen to name a few that it is necessary to shop around based on kind of adventure and style preferences.

Have a river lover on your list that already seems to have all the gear they could possibly need? Make a donation in their name! Big or small, local or worldwide, there are an endless list of nonprofits to donate to. Donations don’t always have to be monetary, it can also be volunteering your time or donating gear!