Congratulations, we did it!

The Generally Assembly has passed SB1398 and accepted Governor McAuliffe’s recent amendments to require full assessments of coal ash ponds prior to the issuance of permits for their closure. This is the final step before the bill is signed into law. Thank YOU for contacting your elected leaders and helping us provide a voice for the James River. SB 1398 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, and we’re extremely grateful to Governor McAuliffe, Senator Chase and Senator Surovell for their strong voices and commitment to protecting Virginia’s waterways.

What happens next?

SB 1398 will put a hold on permits to close coal ash ponds while assessments are completed to identify existing contamination and corrective measures to restore water quality. Evaluations of closure strategies such as excavation and responsible recycling must also be completed, and the long-term safety of each coal ash site must be demonstrated to prevent risks associated with flooding, hurricanes or extreme weather. Results from these assessments will be reported back on December 1, 2017. Thanks to YOUR help, this legislative success will ensure coal ash ponds are responsibly closed to protect our waterways for generations to come.