Thanks to your hard work and that of our partners, Governor Northam’s budget proposal includes great news for the James River! The proposal makes major investments in the programs that we believe are critical to reducing pollution from reaching our rivers and streams, and it sets out a multi-year plan for sustaining those funding levels. Specifically, Governor Northam’s budget includes:

  • $90 million each year for the Agricultural Best Management Practices cost share program and technical assistance to help farmers reduce runoff
  • $50 million each year for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund to help local governments implement pollution reduction practices in urban and suburban areas
  • An additional $11 million for land conservation to conserve the farmland and forests that help filter our water, provide wildlife habitat and preserve historic places Virginians value

Clean water is something all Virginians can support. We applaud Governor Northam for listening to our farmers and localities and putting forward a serious plan with the strong and stable investment in clean water programs we need to reduce pollution and restore our rivers. The Governor has stated a goal for his term in office to dedicate 2% of Virginia’s general fund towards protection of natural resources – a substantial investment which would help Virginia chart a course to truly achieve our water quality goals.

Governor Northam’s proposal is only a first step in the process of preparing a final budget. The General Assembly will be grappling with a number of important issues that may impact funding levels. We need your help to continue advocating for clean water and urging our elected officials to finalize a budget that invests in clean water now and for future generations.

Here’s how you can continue to help:

  • Tell your legislators that you support the Governor’s plan for the future of clean water funding and that you’re counting on them to pass a budget which protects water quality.
  • Join our Action Network to stay up to date on this, and other important river issues. The General Assembly is right around the corner. Now is a great time to help strengthen the voice for the James.
  • Become a member of the James River Association and help us continue to advocate for important river issues.