This morning, Virginia’s Governor released his proposed budget in front of the General Assembly money committees. We are grateful to Governor McAuliffe for his dedication to the Water Quality Improvement Fund as well as the Virginia Land Conservation Fund during his tenure as Governor. As we move towards the 2018 General Assembly session and Governor Northam takes office, we must remember that funding for water quality and land conservation are a paramount concern.

Agricultural Best Management Practices
Virginia’s successful Soil and Water Conservation Districts help farmers get important practices on the ground, like streamside buffers and cover crops, but adequate and steady funding is needed to continue these efforts. The Governor’s budget included $22 million towards this effort, but more is needed.

• Support steady funding of $62 million per year for agricultural best management practices

Stormwater Local Assistance Fund
Stormwater pollution is a serious issue that communities across Virginia are required to address. Runoff from impervious surfaces in urban areas is the only growing pollution source to the James. The Governor’s budget included zero funding for stormwater and we cannot let this growing pollution source go uncontrolled.

• Support $50 million per year for the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund

Land Conservation Grant Programs
Land conservation is a Virginia tradition. Continuing Virginia’s tradition of providing for protected land that nourishes us is vital. The Governor’s budget included $5.75 million per year for this program. We need an increase in the budget to meet our goals.

• Support $20 million per year for land conservation grant programs

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