Although this school year looks a little different, The James River Association is still committed to offering our students the best environmental education at this time. Our Education program still works to connect youth with river-based learning experiences that inspire confidence, ecological understanding, nature appreciation, and conservation action. Our educators are navigating current challenges with solutions like our new virtual classroom, Fun Friday days with small groups in Lynchburg, the new Richmond After-School program and guided canoe paddles in the Richmond area (for adults!)
This fall as students return to school and we all enjoy the last bit of warmth on the river, we wanted to you to (virtually) meet each of our educators to witness their passion for the James, and for the environment yourself. Meet Julia Carson, JRA Environmental Educator.


My name is Julia Carson and I am an environmental educator for the James River Association in Richmond. My job typically consists of running field trips and canoe paddles with Richmond students.  I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher, but it wasn’t until my first environmental studies course that I decided to follow the path of environmental education. I loved the idea of blending my passion of teaching with my love of the environment. My favorite thing about my job is helping students develop a personal connection with the James River. It’s very rewarding to watch students enjoy the river and discover an activity that helps them connect to their environment. 

- Julia Carson

Environmental Educator